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Swimming pool, Sauna and Spa chemicals - How to use them safely. Download an MSDS. Read the Use Instructions.
Water Volume Calculation - How do I calculate the volume of my swimming pool. Essential to ensure the correct use of swimming pool chemicals.
Buy a book about your swimming pool, sauna or spa and about swimming methods.
Submit an enquiry about swimming pool, sauna or spa chemicals.
Links to sites for swimming pool, sauna and spa chemical users.
Swimming pool, sauna and spa chemicals for trade sales.
Contact Confederate Chemicals about pool, sauna and spa chemicals.
Langelier Index Calculator. Find out whether your water is scale forming, corrosive or correctly balanced
Swimming Pool and Spa Bath Glossary of terms and definitions
Dose Rates for swimming pool chemicals, Dose Rates for spa bath chemicals
Legal Information

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and spa bath owners and operators.

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Algicides in swimming pool water
Algaecides in swimming pool water
Bromine tablets for spa baths and swimming pools
Calcium Hypochlorite unstabilised chlorine granules for swimming pools
DPD tablet information for chlorine and bromine testing
Phenol red tablet information for pH testing
Stabilised chlorine granules, sodium dichloroisocyanurate for pools
Stabilised chlorine tablets, trichloroisocyanuric acid for pools

 The following links are to other organisations' websites which may interest our customers.

 The Swimming Pool "Resource on The Web"

 An extremely useful site for pool operators, owners and engineers.

Swimming Pool Owners'
Guide to Water Chemistry

A very useful site for private pool owners.

Chlorine Online

Lots of useful information about chlorine

Met Office

What's the weather going to be like? The UK forecast

British Companies Directory
Listing of SPATA Pool Supplier members

Over 50 suppliers of Pools and Spa Baths


 The Swimming Pool & Allied Trades Association

The Amateur Swimming Association

 The governing body for swimming in the UK

Pool Solutions

 A vast amount of Pool Solutions, Swimming Pool Links
 Health, Rescue, Safety Issues and Info

The Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group

An independent organisation comprising representatives of swimming pool trade, sports, scientific institutions and Regulatory bodies. Publishes the indispensable "Swimming Pool Water - Treatments and quality standards"

Children and Water Safety

 Useful tips to protect your child near water

Pool Safety Tips

 Lots of sensible advice from the USA

Hot Tubs & Spas

The best resource online for everything you need to know about hot tubs and spas. Find information about various hot tub styles, portable hot tubs, placement, and how to buy a hot tub. This site also offers an Insider's Guide to Hot Tubs and Spas (USA site)

The Institute of Sports & Recreational Management

The Institute of Sport and Recreation Management (ISRM) is the national professional body for sport and recreation management. Their aim is to improve the management and operation of sport and recreation services in communities through the provision of standard setting, training, information and consultancy services.

Spa Help

Large US Site with lots of information for spa owners and users


The Institute of Leisure and Amenity Management is the  professional body for managers of the UK's leisure resource.

 Legionella Control

This site has a large amount of information from a leading provider of professional Legionella control, prevention and associated environmental hygiene and risk management services.

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  Swimming Pools 101 A comprehensive and unbiased USA based website featuring information to help you make informed decisions while searching for pools and related products.

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 South Online UK Business Directory South Online - Hampshire business directory for companies, shops & services across the south coast of England

  Over three years of tireless reviewing, over a thousand stores spanning almost fifty categories and subcategories.. welcome to the UK's greatest shopping authority!


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